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Government association KABBALKALPINIST (KBA) arranges tours for mountain climbers, tourists, skiers and those who likes mountain. Association KBA receives its guests by standard and special programs and guarantees high level of service.

KABBALKALPINIST operates basically on the Central Caukasus on the territory of the Kabardino-Balkaria, the autonomy region of Russia. Our office is situated in Nalchik - the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria. KABBALKALPINIST has old traditions and rich experience of reception of foreign tourists. Our stuff rendering services to our clients are professional bath in mountaineering and tourism.

We work under authority of government of Kabardino-Balkaria under promotion of all official states structures.

The main aim of KABBALKALPINIST to develop tourism and recreation activity in mountain region of KBR, to promote interneational cooperation in all spheres linked with mountains.

Association KABBALKALPINIST disposes of various camping facilities and mountaineering and touristic equipment.

KABBALKALPINIST accomplishes serves from the first hand.


We can arrange different tours and programs such as:

- ascending highest Europe's peak Mt. Elbrus;

- special flexible programme for true mountaineers including climbing the most famous and highest mountains as Ushba, Dykh-Tau, etc

- educational tours for students

- ski touring, heli-skiing and other programs.

If you like you can change the program (make it longer or shoter, add visits to some places). In this case contact us please.

We are ready to meet the wishes to our clients.

KABBALKALPINIST is owner of some mountaineering bases and hotel.


Please contact us:

Head Director of the "Kabbalkalpinist":

Salih Mollaev

Executive manager:

Hachim Dzamihov

Information manager:

Eldar Attasauov

"Kabbalkalpinist", Str. Chaikovsky, 8. Nalchik

360004, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia

Tel: (8662) 775916;

Tel./Fax: (8662) 770991;

E-mail: oao-kabbalkalpin@nm.ru

E-mail: kabbalkalpin@yandex.ru

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